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Stage 2

As well as resources on main HSIE page and Whole School Resources pages, other resources are:

Our Fleeting Past:

First Fleet Online- information, activities and database about convicts
South Seas- voyages and accounts of voyages, including Cook's journal,  from National Library of Australia

Aboriginal perspective- painting of arrival of First Fleet by Gordon Syron
The Duyfken- website about the original ship and the replica
James Cook- information and student activities from Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Captain Cook-  a brief audio presentation about Cook's life
Cook's Voyages- timeline from Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Captain Cook Gallery- First voyage- images that can be used in projects etc
James Cook- information about his life in the north east of England
for teachers: go to the tab for Stage 2 in the following link, to download Notebook Our Fleeting Past


Sound and hearing- BBC schools science clips, with interactive activity
Sound and hearing activities- from Crickweb site- arrow down to "Sound" and click on image.
Changing sounds- from BBC schools website

BBC resource-Sound, also Light and Sound class clips
Your ears- information about how ears work, from KidsHealth website
String telephone instructions- from Zoom science activities


Cooperating Communities:

What Councils Do- Local Government Association
Local Government- from Australian Bureau of Statistics

Local Government- Councils, from Australian Government website
Kempsey Shire Council- Council website

BOS resource list for Cooperating Communities
Local Government- Curriculum Corporation unit

Information for teachers and teaching resources, from Local Government Association website


Local Environments:

Google maps- including satellite view, map view, streetview
map skills- from BBC Scotland website, activities using key, grid references, compass points etc

mapzone- interactive activities fro UK Ordnance Survey website
map skills- a selection of different map skills and games from Links4Learning
My Place- Interactive website about  ABC TV program based on "My Place" by Nadia Wheatley

City Creator- drag and drop to create your own city

My Neighbourhood- Landcom websites with activities about local neighbourhood


National parks:
National Parks- 2 interactive activities about national parks, from National Museum of Australia- Boots in the Bush and Wheels in the Bush
Dorrigo National Park- information from National Parks and Wildlife Service
Hat Head National Park- also from National Parks site

Off to Work with Ranger Dan- video from Scootle website (log onto Scootle with DET password first)

Also, "What is a National Park?" kit, DVDs of Australian national parks  and "Teachers Guide to Dorrigo National Park"- Library resources


Understanding Each Other:

Aboriginal nations map- from Curriculum Support website

Making Multicultural Australia- website with links to all aspects of out multicultural society, by DET and Australian Multicultural Foundation, has images, videos etc

Core values in school community and classroom, from DET

Values in the Classroom- teaching strategies from DET website about values


Products, Services and Systems:

the story of milk- from

apples- how Batlow apples grow

Fruit- from Fresh for Kids website, click on each fruit and there is information about types, where it is grown and harvested, etc

Vegetables- from Fresh for Kids website- click on name of each vegetable to see information about growing and processing

Fresh food- kids games, from Fresh for kids website

From paddock to plate- ABC Splash resource

Smart Notebook- How is Bread Made?- link to site to download Notebook for IWB (click on Stage 1), also Healthy Choices notebook.

Where do my meals come from?- Interactive activity from British Nutrition Foundation website

Videos about Farming from British Nutrition Foundation website- Cheese makingFrom Wheat to BreadGrowing PotatoesMilking Fruit and Vegetable harvesting, Where Does It Come from? Plant or Animal?Plants growing and being harvested

Discover Dairy website from Dairy Australia with From Farm to Plate information and activities, including interactive and IWB activities, also Milk from Farm to Plate and procedures for Do It Yourself Dairy

How things are made- videos about how different items are made- balls, crayons, guitars, fortune cookies, sneakers

How Fast Food Works- from How Stuff Works website

(Updated 21/01/16)