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Stage 3

As well as resources on HSIE page and whole school resources, other resources are:


Rainforests- Enchanted Learning website
Rainforests of the world- quiz from Zoom School- Enchanted Learning website
Dorrigo National Park- National Parks and Wildlife Service
Dorrigo National Park- brochure
Sea Acres Nature Reserve - map and information
plants and life on earthand tropical rainforest plant adaptations from Missouri Botanical Gardens

Tropical Rainforests- Mongabay kids site


Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority - lots of information about the Great Barrier Reef. Also click on the map/ zoning map to see details of areas of the Reef
Virtual World- Great Barrier Reef- National Geographic Site with interactive activities.
Explore the Great Barrier Reef with Google maps
Reef Ed- student site from Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Traditional owners - from Reef Ed site

Great Barrier Reef Science teaching units from GBRMPA
Reef check- interactive game about identifying reef creatures



Gold - information and links on School A-Z website

Gold- Kidcyber website

Sovereign Hill website with links to research notes for students

Goldrush in Australia- Kidcyber site with links to other Kidcyber sites

E-gold- electronic encyclopedia of gold in Australia

Characters of the Goldfields-Sovereign Hill education 

New Gold Mountain- Chinese on the Goldfields, from Sovereign Hill

Eureka flag- picture and history from Ausflag site

Cobb and Co- interactive activity, National Museum

Gold- SBS site about impact of gold rushes on Australia, includes interactive map

Peach's Gold- Eureka- introductory video about the Goldrush from Australian Screen website

Peach's Gold- Eureka, clip 2- about gold licenses. Both clips also have educational notes

Gold: Shaping our identity- Scootle resource with Smart notebooks, videos etc

Gold Rushes in NSW- images from Scootle

Sites2See- Gold- DET site with many resources

Life in the Goldfields- Smart Notebook to download from School Libraries and Information Literacy website (go to tab for S3)


State and Federal Government

Parliamentary Education Office- student and teacher resources

Kids View- interactive resource from P.E.O.

videos about What is Parliament? Making a law, etc

Parliament at Work- Curriculum Corporation website

Prime Minister's Home page- page with information about Prime Minister

Quick answers about Parliament- from PEO website

Parliament of NSW- brochure from NSW Government website, to print out

Virtual Tour of Parliament- from NSW Parliament website

Educational resources from NSW Government website

Discovering Democracy- Should the people rule? Scootle resource

Democracy timeline from Scootle

Federation timeline - Scootle, also many other resources about Governement and about Democracy



Classroom Antarctica- resources for students and teachers, from Australian Antarctic Division- comprehensive resource with information and links, about the continent, exploring Antarctica, living in Antarctica, working in Antarctica, nature, animals, climate, etc
Zoom School Antarctica- information from Enchanted Learning

Antarctica- links on School A-Z website

Splash ABC- resource and activities about Antarctica
Discovering Antarctica- Interactive activities, British Antarctic Survey website, with information, videos, activities, games etc
Facts about Antarctica- from Australian Antarctic Division
Australian Antarctic Division website
Educational resources on Antarctica New Zealand website
Animals of Antarctica, from Australian Museum
Australia's Antarctic stations- visit a station, look at it using a webcam, check out the current temperature, find information about life at the station, history etc.
Living and working in Antarctica- information from A.A.D.
Tourism in Antarctica- from British Antarctic Survey
Antarctic timeline, from
Douglas Mawson- interactive site about Mawson and Mawson's hut
Interactive map, from National Geographic
You wouldn't want to be a Polar Explorer- web book, run mouse over images to see comments as you explore the Antarctic


Global and Social Issues:

Australians as Global Citizens- from Education Services Australia

FreeRice- play online, learn online and feed the hungry. Points earn grains of rice for World Food Program

Stop disasters- interactive game, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction website has information about children in other countries and aid to those countries, global projects to access

Global Words- website from PETA integrating English and Global Citizenship- units of work

Refugees and migration- from Global Words website

Refugees and migration: words to unite us- resource about refugees from PETA, using 3 picture books

Global Education- teacher resources about what global education is, global perspectives and global issues

(Updated 21/01/16)