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Science and technology

Science and technology is mandatory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

In science and technology, students explore the natural and made worlds. They learn how to apply scientific and technological skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science opens doors to ideas and discoveries.

General resources:

This page links to websites for Science and Technology units- see menu on left.
Science K-10 syllabus- from BOSTES site

Science resources from Scootle website (Need to be logged in through DET staff portal)

Science resources- from ABC Splash website

BBC Bitesize Science resources for Infants and Primary students- animations, videos, activities

Kidcyber Science resources about Planet Earth, Space, Animals

Enchanted Learning- Zoom School Science pages and print-outs

Australian Museum learning resources

National Geographic Kids- animal resources, also Science and Nature resources

Other resources:


The rock cycle- how rocks are continually changing
Rock cycle interactive- about types of rocks and how they were formed

Virtual rock kit- from Earth Science education unit


Volcano teaching resources from Volcano World website

Volcanoes 101- National Geographic video


Earthquakes for kids- lots of links and activities

Explanation of Richter scale, from MATTER project- description of what happens for each number on the scale

Solar System:

NASA students k-4- Information and activities about Space

NASA Kids club- interactive activities, games, information
Zoom Astronomy- Enchanted Learning website with information about planets, sun, moon, etc
Solar System- from KidsAstronomy website
The Solar System- from StarChild site, with links to information about sun, moon, planets etc

Kidcyber resources about space

Explore the Solar System- BBC website with video clips and information
The Nine Planets website- a tour of the solar system- one star, eight planets and more
Van Gogh Starry Night colouring page- from Enchanted Learning website
Magic School bus space tour- click on the "Space" button
videos- Jupiter , Mars, MercurySaturn, with online quiz to complete after viewing


Zoom school- insect printouts and information about all types of insects

Honey and bees- from the National Honey Board
National Geographic- Ants - -information, facts, video about ants and other mini beasts

The Children's Butterfly Site- information and resources from
Detailed, easy to read information about butterflies at, an Enchanted Learning website
Cockroaches- from the Australian Museum

First-school-online jigsaw puzzle- bees:
and ants :
Insects and spiders colouring pages
Kinder activities about insects


Spiders information from Enchanted Learning- Spider printoutSpider labelling activity

Australian Museum information- Australian spidersSpiders and other arachnidsspider facts

Whales and Dolphins:

Kidcyber website has information about Blue whale, humpback whale, dolphins

National Geographic Kids- 10 facts about bottlenose dolphins

All about Whales- Enchanted Learning website


Zoom Dinosaurs- Enchanted learning website with online book about dinosaurs, links to information, pictures, diagrams, glossary etc

Dinosaur playground- ABC website with games and activities


Antarctic penguins- easy to read information from Kidcyber

Penguins at Enchanted Learning- information, printouts, activities, colouring pages
Penguin information from Classroom Antarctica website
Penguin fact sheets- from Australian Antarctic Division
Animals of Antarctica- images from Australian Museum
Antarctica on School AtoZ website- includes video which shows penguins
Penguin facts from British Antarctic Survey


A brief history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, from NSW State records Office
Sydney Harbour Bridge- BOS site


Air Transport- easy activities from First School website 
Heroes of the air- interactive from National Museum 
The Wright Brothers- information and links 

Kidcyber website- the Wright Brothers, airships and balloons andtimeline of air transport

Transportation activities- also has links to other aviation websites, from DTLK 

(Updated 19/01/16)

Internet Safety:

e-safety website with resources for students, parents and teachers

Interactive Whiteboards:

Interactive whiteboards- free resources from

SMART educator resources- IWB resources

IWB resources from Scholastic
Crickweb- Primary Interactive resources
Copacabana Public School- Get Smart Interactive activities
online stories for IWBs- from CLI Sites2See
Songs for children- Sites2See from CLI website, includes nursery rhymes, links to other sites

Australian Screen website- educational videos to add to IWB resources

Animation Library- animated gifs to add to IWB resources

Notebooks for COGs units- from School Libraries website

Web 2.0 tools:
Sites2See- web 2.0 tools in the information process
Multiple Intelligences and ICT- matching multiple intelligences with digital strategies and tools, from Educational Origami website
Bloom's Digital Taxonomy- linking Bloom's with ICT, from Andrew Churches' Educational origami site

Cool Tools for Schools- many different Web 2.0 resources
ideas to inspire- ways to use wikis, interactive whiteboards, wordle etc in classrooms
top 25 websites for teaching and learning- ALA/AASLA website, with Web 2 resources
weebly website creator- easy to use web site creator

Uses of web 2.0 tools:
blogs-  Blogs could be used as class newspapers, student learning journals, shared daybooks, used for daily writing, showcasing what is happening in class etc. Student/teacher blogs can be made using the DEC portal for added security.
wikis-wikis can be used for collaborative work. Students can add information, work together on stories, edit one another's work, suggest ideas, add websites, jointly produce stories, information reports etc.

Glogster- online posters, use for information reports
Voki- create avatars, use for book reviews, persuasive texts, use to introduce a topic, student of the week etc
Wordle- create word clouds with key words. Also Tagxedo- word clouds in different shapes
Jigzone- online jigsaws,eg photos of cities in HSIE
Photopeach- create online stories
Animoto- digital stories
Storybird- create online books
Weebly- easy website creator
Prezi- alternative to Powerpoint for presentations
Holt Interactive graphic organisers- online graphic organisers, can be edited and printed
Survey Monkey- use to create simple surveys and quizzes
QR codes- link to teacher resources, answers in quizzes, treasure hunt, information around school, using QR code generator

Diigo- online bookmarks

Google Apps- go to My Learning Tools in portal, to see range of Google Apps, links and resources

(Updated 13/01/16)

Tech training

Tech ideas, hints and tips for teachers for using technology in the classroom. Click on this Tech Training for Teachers. You will then be asked to log in to the DET Portal. You will be taken straight to our Tech Training for Teachers website once you have logged in.